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Through The Palora Foundation we want to promote rural development in small villages in Ecuador where Peace Corps volunteers currently work.
We are young people, both Ecuadorian and American, who have witnessed problems in Ecuador, mainly the lack of opportunities for young people who believe their only future lies in working in the United States or Europe.
Working with the People
John Scribner, a Peace Corps volunteer in Palora, promoting organic gardens to help improve nutrition.

We want to provide incentives for people to stay in Ecuador. One way that we have thought about alleviating these problems is by establishing a non-profit organization that would start by benefiting small villages. Our idea is to promote rural development through tourism and sustainable, ecological projects in these small villages. Please visit our 'Projects Page' to find out how your time and money can benefit the people of Ecuador.
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Our initial idea of raising funds is to organize and promote an 8-day bicycling tour through the highlands and rainforests of Ecuador. The tour will travel from Quito to Palora through small villages where Peace Corps Volunteers currently work. You will be able to interact and work with local people, sharing their unique cultures. The way we envision this succeeding is by having you raise US$ 2000 in your community through tax deductible contributions to The Palora Foundation. Once this amount is raised, the entire tour (including everything except for the airfare) is free. The money would go directly to benefitting the people of Ecuador through the Palora Foundation. Because we are Volunteers in the Peace Corps, there is no overhead cost, more of your money goes to help. And because we are living in the communites, we have a real idea of where assistance is needed.

The Bicycling Trip
A biker relaxing at the beach in Palora with the Rio Pastaza in the background.
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